Guy Van Sanden

40-ish computer enthusiast and business owner from Belgium.
I have the best four sons a man could wish for (Serkan - 2004, Erhan - 2006,  Aydan - 2010 and Sinan - 2016).

Professional carreer

In 2000, shortly after graduating, I started working for Siemens Atea (in Herentals, Belgium) as a Configuration Management and systems engineer (which primarily meant taking care of a large ClearCase source control deployment and a number of Solaris and Linux boxes).

After Siemens fired most of their staff in late 2002 I started working in The Netherlands (Eindhoven) as a Solaris system administrator. We remotely maintained the systems of a number of large companies.

In 2004, on the day my first son was born, I ended up at the StudieCentrum voor Kernenergie (SCK-CEN) in Mol where I was employed as a Linux Beowulf Cluster administrator.

Early 2008, I surprised myself by moving to a consultancy position with a company called X-Tend that specializes in open source solutions.

2011 proved to be a turning point, and I started my own Free Software company called Taurix.