Making owncloud work with SSL and a reverse proxy

I set up owncloud yesterday, and it seems to be very nice. But when I wanted to open it outside my network over SSL, it got stuck in a redirect loop. Now, I use pound as a reverse proxy to balance requests over several servers and to do SSL termination. This proved to be the problem, owncloud did not detect that the connection was SSL enabled [...] Read more

If the nmbs (Belgian rail) becomes any less punctual

People will start applauding IF a train makes it to the destination like they do when airplanes land you start looking for the hidden interdimensional wormhole to get back to your own reality should a train arrive on time You'll have to check the news on a smartphone from within the station to know if they are on strike or not because there's no [...] Read more

Glusterfs weird directory replication

Today, I hit one of the weirdest problems on a server I've seen so far. I'm putting a replicated Gluster storage setup into production. After some initial problems and an upgrade to Gluster 3.2.2 (which you should really do if you are running Gluster), everything seemed to be running smoothly. Until I noticed that the contents of one directory [...] Read more

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