In defense of Brendan Eich

Disclaimer: I am not defending proposition 8here , nor do I make this statement in agreement with Mr. Eich's viewpoint.  Those are not relevant to this discussion.

With that out of the way, I can only be ashamed of the way this situation was handled.  I'm shocked by the hypocrisy in our so-called tollerant communities and I'm even more shocked that Mozilla did nothing more to defend it's CEO.

If Eich would have rejected a gay person for a job opening, if he would have fired or mistreated an employee for being gay, all this outrage would be justified an I'd be calling for his head on a silver platter too.  But he has not done anything of that kind.

All he did was donate money to a proposition that was accepted by the majority of people in a particular state and we can only assume he voted that proposition too.  For this alone, he had to give up a position he did earn through both technical as personal merrits.

So, dear Mozilla, can you please post a list of acceptable political viewpoints that your employees and directors should adhere too?  Will you tell them which party to vote for in the comming election under pressure of termination?  Because it will be the same as what you did to this person. 

All the while, you make friends with companies with questioanble ethics, your morals don't apply there?

You should be deeply ashamed of yourselves, and if you aren't, I'm ashamed for you.

Again, I'm not taking any stance on proposition 8 here, but if I had to call for the resignation of everyone who had any different moral stance than I, there wouldn't be many CEOs left, even in the Open Source communities.

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