eLAS: de geschiedenis

Ik schrijf deze blogpost omdat het verhaal van eLAS en de voorgeschiedenis met MARVA voor veel verwarring blijkt te zorgen, en het is voor mezelf interessant natuurlijk om hier nu en later nog eens op terug te kunnen kijken. Het jaar was 2005, niet lang na de geboorte van ons eerste zoontje introduceerde mijn vrouw mij aan het concept LETS. We [...] Read more

Fixing problems typing the '@' sign in Zarafa groupware webapp

We posted a fix for this in our wiki, basicly, the keyboard shortcuts are the culprit and they need to be disabled.

A better way to monitor diskspace with Zabbix

Zabbix has a log of built-in support to monitor diskspace on servers. But I'm not always interested in triggers that fire on a certain amount or percentage of free space defined in a template. For some filesystems, it may be perfectly normal to be at 90% usage and remain stable there. What does interest me more is the amount by which disk usage [...] Read more

Open Source and non profit

I have always thought that Open Source and the non-profit sector where a match made in heaven, but there is too little information structurally flowing to organizations that are already achieving much with limited resources in both time and money. That is why we (Taurix) in a partnership with the CAW De Kempen (Centrum Algemeen Welzijn) are [...] Read more