In defense of Brendan Eich

Disclaimer: I do not defending proposition 8, nor do I make this statement in agreement with Mr. Eich's viewpoint. 

With that out of the way, I can only be ashamed of the way this situation was handled.  I'm shocked by the hypocrisy in our so-called tollerant communities and I'm even more shocked that Mozilla did nothing more to defend it's CEO.

Open Source and non profit

I have always thought that Open Source and the non-profit sector where a match made in heaven, but there is too little information structurally flowing to organizations that are already achieving much with limited resources in both time and money.

That is why we (Taurix) in a partnership with the CAW De Kempen (Centrum Algemeen Welzijn) are organizing a free Open Source seminar on december 6.  We will talk about Open Source solutions and how your organization can benefit from them as well as go through case studies from actual users.

Replacing Google reader, part 2

2 Weeks ago, I wrote about replacing Google reader on my blog and promised to get back to you with the results of the 2 alternatives I've been trying out: Owncloud news and Friendica's RSS functionality.

The outcome was decided pretty naturally and it also surprises me a little.  Though Friendica's RSS features is really nice, I ended up using both!

Replacing Google reader

Depending on 'cloud' services is always dangerous.  Case in point, Google is axing 2 services with a large userbase very soon: Jabber (XMPP) better known as GTalk and Google Reader.

And chances would have it these are the only 2 Google services I use.  As I don't have many jabber contacts, it only took 15 minutes to install ejabberd on my groupware server and invite all my contacts again.

A better way to monitor diskspace with Zabbix

Zabbix has a log of built-in support to monitor diskspace on servers.  But I'm not always interested in triggers that fire on a certain amount or percentage of free space defined in  a template.  For some filesystems, it may be perfectly normal to be at 90% usage and remain stable there.

What does interest me more is the amount by which disk usage increases in a short timespan, and Zabbix does have the functionality to cater for this.  For example:

Fixing [Z3005] query failed errors with Zabbix and MySQL

The Zabbix server at my customer failed badly today with a flood of 'unreachable' alerts across multiple locations.  It became clear pretty quickly that the hosts where up and Zabbix was at fault.

With the proxies reported up, I turned to the Zabbix server itself and saw MySQL errors rolling by in the log: